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#METOO RECLAMATION: A Survivors Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an act of seizing power. Reclamation is the process of claiming power back. Within the pages that follow, survivors illustrate the multitude of ways they reclaim their bodies, identities, interests, mental balances, finances, futures, and more. Ultimately, each of these pieces highlight the reclamation of one’s own own narrative.

All proceeds go to The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. Support survivors today.

RECLAMATION: A Survivor's Anthology was published March 1, 2018 in honor of the #METOO movement and by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Survivor's Magazine.

Below is the excerpt they choose for this edition along with

Coral Anika Theill's website:

In October of 1994, my husband, Marty Warner picked me up from my brother's house, took me to a motel and forced me to have sex while I was in a nearly catatonic state. I became pregnant with my 8th child.

Marital and ritual abuse evolved into legal abuse.

On March 1, 1996, during the temporary custody hearing, Judge Albin Norblad laughed about the rapes I suffered. Judge Norblad asked my husband, while he was on the witness stand and under oath, why he had impregnated me during the time I was suffering a mental/nervous breakdown. [The response is given below.]


JUDGE NORBLAD: "Sir, I have one question. Maybe this is curiosity, more than it has to do with the case. If your wife was going through so much emotional difficulties, she realized it, and you realized it, why did you attempt to have an additional child and two pregnancies?

MR. WARNER: We didn't attempt to have an additional child.

JUDGE NORBLAD: No, you succeeded, I guess.

MR. WARNER: Yes, sir. Zachary's pregnancy was a surprise. We were

trying to avoid that.

(Note: No contraceptives were used. I was living with my brother out-of-state at the time.)


MR. WARNER: The other pregnancy was a surprise as well. Both those.

(Note: Pregnancy No. 1 during my mental/nervous breakdown. This pregnancy ended in miscarriage.)


MR. WARNER: I was very committed to doing my part to avoid pregnancy.

JUDGE NORBLAD: All right. Thank you. You can step down.

MR. WARNER: As you can tell, Kathy and I have not had too much difficulty conceiving. (Laughs)

JUDGE NORBLAD: Yeah, I got that figured out. (Laughs)

On March 10, 1996, I was forced, by an Order of the Court, and by my ex-husband, Marty Warner, his attorney, his family and religious supporters, to do something that raged against my good conscience, my common sense and against all my motherly instincts. After a temporary custody hearing, a Court Order signed by Judge Albin Norblad forcibly removed my nursing baby and two youngest children from me. I obeyed the Court Order and gave my children over to my ex-husband. I drove to the hospital, rented a breast-pump and later collapsed and went into shock. I could not understand what had happened and why. I have not yet recovered from the shock; perhaps I never will....

Until now, to survive the court trauma and shock,

I kept my feelings regarding the rapes deep within

me. I can't find that woman,–the empty shell

with bandaged wrists any more. She was mentally

gone, spiritually stripped and being used like a whore

and a brood mare by the man who "legally owned her."

This fact leaves me at a loss for words and is probably

one of the reasons I felt compelled to change my name.

I don't know Kathy Hall, anymore. I believe the day she

was raped while so physically, mentally and emotionally

broken, she died.

Severe trauma can so impact our ability to recognize

our self, that even the face in a mirror is a stranger.

On April 22, 1999, I legally changed my name to

Coral Anika Theill at the Marion County Courthouse,

in Salem, Oregon. Kathy Hall was laid to rest.

My abuser and rapist *Mr. Marty Warner works at:

City of Monmouth

401 Hogan Road

Monmouth OR 97361


If you feel so led to share my story and/or concerns, CONTACT:

City of Monmouth, Mayor Steve Milligan

151 Main Street W.

Monmouth, OR 97361

Phone: (503) 838-0722

Fax: (503) 838-0725

City of Monmouth City Council members: Laura Sherman, Roxanne Beltz, Royal Johnson, Darin Sibernagel, Brian Shrinkle, Jon Carey,

or email:


Mayor (Nonpartisan)----2-Year Term-----Expires----E-mail

Steve Milligan-----------------12/18----

Councilors (Nonpartisan)--4-Year Terms---Expire----E-mail

Thomas Steinke--------------12/18---

Byron Shinkle------------------12/20--

Darin Silbernagel------------12/20--

Jon Carey -------------------12/18---

Royal Johnson--------------12/18---

Laurel Sharmer--------------12/20---

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