Marty Warner, Independence, Oregon Abuses Wife & Children

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Photo was titled "Family of the Year" - 2013 - Independence, OR


Coral Anika Theill's eight children with their father,

Marty Warner (my abusive ex-husband)

From L to R 

Zachary Warner, Hannah [Warner] Hart, Rebekah Warner, Joshua WarnerMarty Warner, Theresa [Warner] Arnold, Aaron Warner, Rachel [Warner] White, Sarah [Warner] Bobeda


Several close and long term friends wrote affidavits and were supportive witnesses for me in Court.

Polk County Court Case History - 1996-2016


Mrs. Therese Vasquez, Corvallis, Oregon, godmother to my twin daughters, Sarah and Rachel, wrote an affidavit signed and notarized February 13, 1996.  This affidavit was also presented to the Court.


“I, Therese Vasquez, being first duly deposed swear that the foregoing affidavit is true and accurate.


“I have been acquainted with Marty and Kathy (Coral Theill) since approximately 1979. Over the period of our relationship I have witnessed many instances of inappropriate/abusive behavior.


“Mr. Warner has treated Mrs. Warner with gross disregard, regularly through the course of our acquaintance. Upon the birth of their twin daughters in 1979, Mr. Warner abandoned his wife and children immediately after the birth. Mr. Warner displayed no interest in the delivery of care to the newborns or Mrs. Warner in her early post-partum state.


“Circumstances such as these occurred throughout the duration of our relationship, despite appeals by friends and other acquaintances to Mr. Warner.


“Mr. Warner regularly has degraded Mrs. Warner and the Warner children openly and without restraint. I believe the long-term abuse has been detrimental to the well-being of Mrs. Warner and the Warner children.


“Through the course of the relationship, Mrs. Warner complained regularly of psychological and sexual abuse on an extremely regular basis. On numerous occasions, my husband, Richard Vasquez made appeals to Mr. Warner asking that Mr. Warner consider how harmful his behavior was to Mrs. Warner and children.


“Mr. Warner has on numerous occasions replied to my husband that my husband must be mentally ill to suggest that treating Mrs. Warner in an abusive manner was somehow inappropriate.


“Mr. Warner has routinely objected and prevented Mrs. Warner from accessing medical attention in times of dire need with no regard for Mrs. Warner’s health and well-being. I observed such denials of reasonable medical attention on not less than five occasions.


“Mr. Warner’s extreme religious orientations have been imposed upon Mrs. Warner throughout their marriage. Mr. Warner makes no secret of his demands for female submission at all times, and on occasion would threaten to terminate relationships with friends and acquaintances if the male in friends’ households did not subscribe to his religious beliefs to include, but not limited to female submission—socially, physically, psychologically and sexually.


“Mrs. Warner despite all the abuses continually attempted to meet the requirements of her husband. Mrs. Warner has displayed optimal parental skills, consistently throughout their marriage.


“Mrs. Warner suffered a breakdown (1993-1994) after many years of abuse and unwanted extreme religious indoctrination. Since that time, Mrs. Warner has persevered and has recovered remarkably. The recovery seemed accelerated when they were separated.


“I pray the Court consider the actual cause and effects in this matter. As it is detrimental to Mrs. Warner and the Warner children to be exposed to any additional abuse by Mr. Warner.”



Karen A. (Lague) Heintz, Corvallis, Oregon, wrote these words in her affidavit signed February 13, 1996 to assist my attorneys in a hearing regarding my need to continue living in hiding with my children. Mr. Warner and his attorney, Mr. Lawrence, were of the opinion that the children and I belonged in the home. After a phone hearing with Judge Norblad, he agreed to allow me to continue living away from the home until the pende lite (temporary custody) hearing at the end of the month.


“I have known Kathy (Coral Theill) and Marty Warner for over twelve years. For eight of these years, prior to their moving to Independence, they were my next door neighbors on Taylor Street in Corvallis. This situation gave me ample opportunity to observe Kathy’s parenting skills, which in my opinion were exemplary. As a mother, and the primary caregiver to the children, (six at that time,) she was loving, calm and extremely responsible. The children were happy and content in her presence. I remember marveling not just at her organizational skills at managing that many children, but at the loving and gentle way she treated each one of them. After the birth of her seventh child, Kathy did experience a postpartum breakdown, but as far as I could observe, she was never a danger to any of her children. She continued to love them and worry about them to the best of her ability considering the circumstances. At present, Kathy seems completely recovered from her postpartum problem. I have had recent opportunities to observe her with her children, and she continues to treat them lovingly and responsibly.


“At this time, I do have real concerns about Kathy (Coral Theill) returning to the residence with Marty. Throughout years of observing Marty as a neighbor, my husband and I both felt that he had a very strong need to control almost every aspect of his wife’s life. He once told me in a backyard conversation that he would never allow Kathy to go to the doctor by herself. While my husband and I felt that it was not our business to pass judgment on how a neighbor conducted a marriage, we were made uncomfortable by the submissiveness Marty demanded from Kathy. While Marty and the older children sometimes took vacations, it often seemed that Kathy never left the house except to buy groceries.


“After the Warner’s moved to Independence, (Oregon), and after Kathy’s post-partum depression had been going on for a while, I encountered Marty at a local Bi Mart Store. (I believe this was sometime during the summer of 1993.) After describing Kathy’s behavior in a very derogatory manner, and complaining about his own high blood pressure, he went on to tell me that Kathy “needed a spanking.” I felt very uncomfortable about his statement, as it indicated to me that he had very little compassion for and/or understanding of the hormonal problem Kathy was facing.


“More recently, I accompanied Kathy to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office on the day the restraining order against Marty was being served. Kathy was obviously terrified about what his response might be. The people at the sheriff’s office front desk would be able to corroborate this, as Kathy told them she was afraid of her husband, and they offered her and baby Zachary sanctuary for the day if they needed it. Furthermore, although Kathy has the support of many people in the community, almost all of them have refused to accompany Kathy back home, or to stay with her in the Warner residence out of concern that Marty might resort to violence. I personally talked to five people who were afraid to go due to the volatility of the situation. Kathy also spoke to me about her very real fear of being made pregnant again by Marty if she returns to the home. Since she was made pregnant twice during the time of her breakdown, it seems to me a very realistic fear on her part. While Kathy is extremely concerned about the safety and welfare of her children who remain in the home, especially the two younger ones, her fear of returning home with the three youngest children to this uncontrolled and possibly dangerous situation seems understandable.”




Debbie Custis, a former co-worker (Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, Oregon) to my ex-husband, Mr. Marty Warner, responds to Coral Theill's son-in-law's disparaging comments.


*Note: Debbie Custis filed an affidavit in my 2003 Polk County Court case.  Here is the copy of the affidavit



Letter by Debbie Custis, July 16, 2007

Coral’s son-in-law,  wasn’t in the Warner’s life nor was he in court for the proceedings during the time Kathy (Coral) was being abused by Marty and the court system in Oregon. I was. I also worked with and for Mr. Warner. Trust me, he can “just flip on an internal switch” when he feels it’s necessary to appear to be a well-adjusted, upstanding member of the community. Feel fortunate that you’re not a “woman” and that Mr. Warner feels no need to “control” you!  *See Affidavit written by Debbie Custis in 2003 describing the abuse she suffrered from Marty Warner in the workplace

You didn’t see Coral with her three youngest children, her patience, the love and the bond that was so clearly there for all to see while she was in hiding from her husband, living from hotel to hotel, with no money, and no food, entirely dependent on friends and yes, even some strangers that wanted to help her. It’s easy to be kind, loving, and nurturing during the good times; Coral was all those things during the hard times as well.

You weren’t there during the court proceedings. You didn’t listen to the absolute absence of feeling for his wife and her trauma in his answer when the judge asked “why would you continue to have marital relations with your wife in her current physical and mental condition.” I was there. I was also outside the courtroom walking the baby when I couldn’t stand to hear any more of what he said in court.

You weren’t there when the court decided to take Coral’s children away. You didn’t see a woman sobbing, rocking back and forth consumed with the kind of grief that only another parent could understand and yet, not wholly fathom.
You weren’t there when we picked up the three youngest children and delivered them to Mr. Warner. You didn’t hear the screams and sobbing of the two little girls in the back seat of my car on the trip to Mr. Warner’s. You never had to watch a grief-stricken mother trying to pump painfully engorged breasts because her six-month-old nursing baby had just been wrenched from her.
Tell me something, what had Coral ever done to deserve this? Coral Theill was a warm and loving mother. She was also a good wife. To this day she loves her eight children deeply, even the ones who no longer call her mother. Coral was the sole nurturer, caregiver, and teacher in that family for nearly 20 years.
At least half of those wonderful, talented, children you speak of received their foundation from their mom.
It saddens and sickens me that all of the wonderful things the children learned from their mother; all of the warm and happy memories that should be Coral’s legacy to these children have been tossed away like yesterday’s garbage.
That, sir, is the real tragedy.—Debbie Custis, Salem, Oregon



April 20, 2015, Personal comment by Debbie Custis: " This truly happened to this beautiful, wonderful woman and mother. I can never fully explain to all of you how horrendous this was. Not only did I try to help Coral, her husband was my supervisor at the time and I was battling my own personal hell with Marty Warner in the work place. He was a disgusting, sexist man, who had no business supervising women in any capacity. He tried/did talk to me "privately" about Coral (captive audience) and my heart ached for her. I didn't even know her at the time and I was sickened for her. I only had to deal with him at work, she had to live with him in her own personal prison!!
"It's hard for me to revisit in my mind and memories working for him [Marty Warner] . I was stressed, anxious, and depressed all the time. I don't know how Coral has survived his lies, abuse, sick ideologies, losing her children (yes, I delivered the girls into his hands when she lost her court case, and still remember the screaming and crying coming from my back seat when they were pulled away from their mother).  I salute you Coral, want nothing but happiness for you, and grew to love you very much. Please Father God, bless this woman!"  



In 1996, Tashi (Smith) Gremar, teacher, Astoria, Oregon, testifies about the abuse she witnessed in the Warner home.


 I became extremely uncomfortable working within the home as I witnessed the level of fear both Kathy (Coral Theill) and the children lived with every day.

“I became involved in the Marty Warner/Coral Theill case a few years ago (1995) when I was still studying to be a teacher at Western, and was hired to help tutor the Warner children. I need to share with you that, while working within the home, I immediately noticed how demeaning and controlling Mr. Warner was toward his wife. However, he assured me he was doing everything "for Kathy’s (Coral Theill’s) own good," so I tried to ignore the matter. But as time passed, I was witness to Mr. Warner’s extreme mood swings, angry outbursts, and unrealistic expectations towards his wife.


“It is not my intent to criticize Marty Warner, but I will tell you the bare essentials so you can get a glimpse of the reality in which Ms. Hall and her children had to live. At the time I was hired, Kathy had been working for twenty years as a full-time mother of eight kids, ranging from teenagers to a newborn, as well as a full-time cook, housekeeper, and home-school teacher. Any one of these jobs would have been a heavy load for one person alone to handle, yet Kathy was an amazing mother and teacher who always showed compassion and love to her family.


“While working with Mrs. Warner over the next few months, I found her to be a positive, Godly woman of utmost integrity. I have never met anyone so wise, loving, gentle, hardworking, and giving. As is obvious, I gained a deep respect and admiration for Kathy Warner/Coral Theill, and came to think of her as a dear friend as well as a mentor.


“Kathy (Coral) is a beautiful, fragile treasure. How tragic that such a sweet soul would be oppressed by an enraged husband who only treated her with contempt. If the house, the children, or the meals were not perfect, Marty would become violently angry with Kathy. I became extremely uncomfortable working within the home as I witnessed the level of fear both Kathy and the children lived with every day.


“Although the family scrambled to please Marty, their efforts were never good enough. He was unable to be satisfied, and continued to bark out his commands to his own family. I had to painfully watch Kathy literally beg him for a few dollars she needed for the kids. I saw the children ignored by Mr. Warner until they accidentally did something "wrong" that he did not like. He would violently spank them for the smallest of offenses. I was shocked that someone who seemed so respectable could be so blatantly wicked in his private life.As you may be aware, Kathy finally gathered the courage to take her children and flee her husband. She was considered a kidnapper, and was taken to court.


“When I was asked to testify to Mr. Warner’s controlling and demeaning treatment towards Kathy Warner (Coral Theill)  in court, I learned that Marty had been violently abusing Kathy physically, emotionally, and sexually for the last twenty years. She had been continually raped and beaten, often to the point of being hospitalized, by her "Christian" husband. She was kept a prisoner in her own house, being allowed to see others only under Marty’s supervision and approval. Friends of the family only hope he did not take his sexual aggressions out on his daughters in the same way.


“Not believing in divorce, Kathy (Coral) stayed as long as she could, always trying to please Marty, in hopes that he would change. You may choose to believe that such a pillar of the community as Mr. Warner could not possibly be capable of such behavior, but I am a first-hand witness that he is a smooth talker with much to hide in his private life.”




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