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Rapist Sues Rape Victim for Child Support: Marty Warner, Independence, Oregon

Today is my BIRTHDAY. It has been a difficult journey.

My birthday wish for the past 22 years is to be EMANCIPATED from my ex-husband/rapist/abuser Marty Warner of Independence, Oregon. I filed a Motion to Dismiss Judgment in August 2017. After 5 court hearings this year the judge ruled in my ex-husband's favor.

For the past 19 years, my passport has been revoked due to this fraudulent child support judgment. *I paid $50,000 in child support to my rapist/abuser, Mr. Marty Warner, and supported my eldest son, Aaron Warner, $15,000 in housing, medical, legal, transportation and college tuition until I became homeless in 2002-2005. I have been threatened with jail time (due to me living under poverty level and my inability to pay child support to my wealthy abuser/rapist. District Attorney informed me that they may recommend my driver's license be revoked.

Here is a letter my close friend and editor, Judy Bennett, wrote all 8 of my children in March 2018 before my last court hearing of April 11, 2018. Instead they came to court in support of my abuser/rapist Marty Warner and had the judge read a vile, obscene hate letter to me out loud in court.

March 6, 2018

Dear Sarah, Rachel, Aaron, Joshua, Teresa, Rebekah, Hannah and Zachary

I am writing to you because your mother is my friend, Coral Theill - or as you may think of her, Kathryn Warner. As I am sure you know, she has recently gone to court to have a decades old child support order of $3,815.74 dismissed because she cannot afford to pay it. I am hoping that by giving you some of the facts of your mother's life in the past twenty years you will be able to influence your father to dismiss his claim for child support and free your mother from this burden. The hearing is scheduled for April 11, 2018, 1:15 pm, Dallas, Oregon, Polk County Courthouse.

When your parent's divorce was final in 1997, your mother received an existing IRA account which was in her name. She was ordered to pay your father child support in the amount of $500 a month. At that time, the house on Fruit Farm Road was debt free and appraised at $250,000 (originally purchased in 1992 for $105,000 -- today it is appraised at almost $500,000). He also had a stock portfolio and other investments. Your father kept all of these assets.

After the divorce, your mother worked various minimum wage jobs for a while, but her health deteriorated and she could not keep working. She made and sold beeswax candles and ornaments at farmer's markets to make money and she drew money from the IRA account to pay living expenses. She did not live extravagantly. She had been out of the workforce for almost 20 years taking care of all of you and your father. He did not believe women should work outside the home. But she made regular child support payments until 2003.

In 1999, your father sued for increased child support. Because your mother did not receive notice of the hearing date she did not show in court and the judge granted your father another $1,074.00 per month in child support, which was twice her income. The court also forbade her any contact with all of her children -- at your father's request. Another hearing, in 2003, ended child support payments, but did not wipe out the unpaid child support judgment from 1999 and interest up to that point.

Even though it was established in the 2003 proceedings that your mother was destitute, your father hired an attorney and tried to sue her in 2004, requesting the Oregon State Appeals Court to grant him another $50,000 in child support. The Oregon State of Appeals court denied his appeal in 2005. A year later, he tried again, unsuccessfully, to sue for more money. Through all these legal proceedings, with the exception of the original divorce trial, your mother could not afford an attorney. She prepared her own legal briefs -- a huge time and emotional strain. And even though the appeals case and the last suit were unsuccessful for your father, they required a great deal of study and effort for your mother to respond.

Your mother filed for SSI Disability in 2002 at a time when she was living out of her car. SSI was finally awarded in 2005. The monies from the IRA had long been exhausted for living expenses, paying attorney fees and court fees, taxes, helping Aaron with college, penalties for early withdrawal, etc. For the past 13 years she has lived on $550.00 to $780.00 a month plus a subsidy for housing and a small amount in food assistance.

Your mother has been informed that the State of Oregon and Polk County District Attorney child support enforcement intend to take $150-$200 per month out of the $899.00 your mother lives on now. This would not leave enough for basic food and medical expenses. Your mother does not own any property, has no savings or credit cards and no family support. This is the reason she is attempting to have this debt dismissed.

Your father has stated that he would never dismiss this judgment. This I cannot understand. It is obvious that your mother does not have the financial means to pay several thousand dollars and that taking the money out monthly would create extreme hardship. Forgiveness, generosity and compassion are pillars of the Christianity I know, and your father prides himself on being a good Christian. But he shows no compassion or forgiveness for your mother. It seems he has never stopped wanting to punish her.

I do not believe he truly needs this money. Without a doubt it was expensive to raise eight children, but you are all grown now. I hope life has been good for you. I do not know what you have been taught about your mother, but I know her to be a very loving and compassionate person who was absolutely devastated by losing each of you. She had to leave your father in order to survive. She left you because your father exploited the court system which forced her to give you up. She has never stopped loving you. There is a great deal that you do not know about the situation.

Please, as an act of kindness to the woman who gave birth to you - and, in spite of things you have been told, the mother who has never ceased to love you and ache for you, encourage your father to let this go. If you have questions I can answer, you are free to call me at: (503) _______.

Your mother is a creative and intelligent woman with great strength and grace. Her life has been difficult - and one of the greatest difficulties is not having you in her life.

Sincere regards,

Judy Bennett

Monmouth, Oregon

On March 10, 1996, I was forced, by an Order of the Court, and by my ex-husband, Marty Warner, his attorney, his family and religious supporters, to do something that raged against my good conscience, my common sense and against all my motherly instincts.

Photo: Zachary David Warner, April 1996, with his mother, Coral Anika Theill, aka Kathryn Y. Warner, after she lost custody of her 8 children, including her nursing infant, Zachary, March 10, 1996

Two hundred years ago a system of legal slavery allowed for the ownership of human beings as if they were livestock. Children were ripped away from their mothers with as little consideration as separating a calf from a cow. In this country today, extreme forms of paternalistic religion promote an institutional form of slavery where a woman must be totally obedient to a husband who has absolute control of her life. The wife’s lot is to obey and bear children. If she rebels and chooses to save herself by escaping from this life, the father—supported by the church community and often by the court system, can forcibly strip a child away from the mother.

After a temporary custody hearing, a Court Order signed by Judge Albin Norblad forcibly removed my nursing baby and two youngest children from me. I obeyed the Court Order and gave my children over to my ex-husband. I drove to the hospital, rented a breast-pump and later collapsed and went into shock. I could not understand what had happened and why. I have not yet recovered from the shock; perhaps I never will....

When I sought safety for my children and myself in January 1996, the Court allowed me to live in hiding with my young children prior to the court hearings, due to the testimony and affidavits of numerous witnesses. I retained an attorney and reported the crimes that had been committed against my children and me.

​The price for my own safety and freedom in 1996 was an imposed, unnatural and unwanted separation from my eight children, including my nursing infant. The injustice committed against me is not just the physical separation from my children, but the willful desecration of the mother-child relationship and bond, a sacred spiritual and emotional entity.

Many mothers who seek safety from abuse are routinely prohibited from having even the most basic contact with their own children, not because they were unfit parents, but because they were outspent, out represented, and out-maneuvered in a court atmosphere that seems to favor those who inflict domestic violence.

Women trapped in relationships with abusers come to expect horrendous misbehavior and violence from their partners. What they cannot fathom is the maddening reinforcement commonly provided to abusive men by the justice system, the religious community and the public at large. Tragically, the key abuse collaborator is the custody judge. Of all the bad actors in a battered woman's life, none wield more power over a mother and her children. It is beyond infuriating when women discover that their custody judges either lack understanding of domestic violence or intentionally collude with abusers to take away women's financial resources and, even worse, their children.

Forcibly taking a mother's children, and then controlling her emotionally by withholding contact must be publicly recognized as one of the greatest forms of 'mis-use' of the American justice system and one of the greatest hidden vehicles for wide-spread socially approved physical and emotional abuse and control.

I have concluded by my present circumstances, that the judicial and religious organizations and people who have aided my former husband, Marty Warner, all embrace the same views regarding women and children. They believe male power is absolute over women and great harm will come to those who question and/or defy that power. I believe this is the mentality that causes and perpetuates abuse.

BIO: Coral Anika Theill's published works address abuse and trauma recovery and most recently, wounded Marines and Montford Point Marines. Her writings have encouraged and inspired numerous trauma victims and wounded Marines and service members recovering from PTS and TBI. Coral's positive insights as a survivor have also earned the respect of clinical therapists, advocates, professors and authors. Her published memoir, BONSHEÁ Making Light of the Dark has been used as a college text for nursing students at Linfield College, Portland, Oregon. In July 2011 Coral received the Lester Granger Award from the National Montford Point Marine Association. In 2002 she received a Writer's Award from iUniverse Publishing Co. She is also a contributing writer for Short Rations for Marines. Her October 2011 Leatherneck Magazine article, Invisible Battle Scars: Confronting the Stigma Associated with PTS & TBI, is cited in the U.S. Army War College "Psychological Health Notes." Coral Anika Theill's story of survival was published March 1, 2018 in RECLAMATION: A Survivor's Analogy by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault & Survivor's Magazine.

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