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#METOO How I Became a Brood Mare & Egg Donor for the Church & State: Judge Albin Norblad La

"Today, the men as a body politic have power over women. They decide how women will suffer: which sadistic acts against the bodies of women will be construed to be ‘normal."

-–Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

My Body Feels Like a Crime Scene

The most painful and insidious act committed against me was being raped by my ex-husband, Marty Warner, Independence, Oregon, during the period of my nervous breakdown and severe depression[1993-1994]. One day, after I had attempted to cut my wrists by an electric grinder to escape life from my abusive husband, he taped my wrists and drove me to a motel and raped me. The next day I was forced to meet with Mr. Tom McMahon, a Christian counselor and writer. He also told me I was selfish and needed to learn how to "obey." I became pregnant while unable to care for myself and my seven children.

Until now, to survive the court trauma and shock,

I kept my feelings regarding the rapes deep within

me. I can't find that woman,–the empty shell

with bandaged wrists any more. She was mentally

gone, spiritually stripped and being used like a whore

and a brood mare by the man who "legally owned her."

This fact leaves me at a loss for words and is probably

one of the reasons I felt compelled to change my name.

I don't know Kathy Hall, anymore. I believe the day she

was raped while so physically, mentally and emotionally

broken, she died.

Severe trauma can so impact our ability to recognize

our self, that even the face in a mirror is a stranger.

On April 22, 1999, I legally changed my name to

Coral Anika Theill at the Marion County Courthouse,

in Salem, Oregon. Kathy Hall was laid to rest.

Andrea Dworkin, in her book, Intercourse, analyzes the

institution of sexual intercourse and how that institution, as

defined and controlled by patriarchy, has proven to be a

devastating enslavement of woman.

Helen Benedict, 1992, Virgin or Vamp wrote, "I prefer to characterize

rape simply as a form of torture. Like the torturer, the rapist is motivated

by the urge to dominate, humiliate and destroy his victim. Like a torturer,

he does so by using the most intimate acts available to humans - sexual ones."

Every day, all women in our society deal with male domination. Women are verbally intimidated, bullied, battered and killed by men, but our society is in a state of denial about the truth and severity of the abuse. Raising the consciousness of this violence against women is the beginning of what it will take to bring it to an end.

To heal and recover from violent crimes, survivors need the community to create the conditions for an experience of justice. Some experience of justice is the prerequisite for forgiveness and eventually for healing.

Susan Brown-Miller has said "rapists are the shock troops of patriarchy." It follows that the men who batter and psychologically abuse women are the army of occupation - forcing subjugation and servitude.

During the period of my breakdown/depression in the spring of 1994, my husband, Mr. Marty Warner, and his pastors left me at the "Wing's of Love" half-way house on Killingsworth in Portland, Oregon, to punish and "break me" (their words) to the will of God. "The house was a shelter for ex-cons, street people and prostitutes. It was filthy and infested with rats and lice.

My husband’s debt-free estate, at this time, was over a quarter- of- a million dollars. It was a frightening experience during the period of my illness/breakdown for my “abuser” [ex-husband], his Christian cult leaders and religious supporters to be in charge of my “recovery program.” Three months earlier, I had a D & C due to my 3rd miscarriage from being raped by my husband. I was helpless and physically and mentally incapacitated during this time due to my breakdown and partial stroke." - Coral Anika Theill, BONSHEA Making Light of the Dark

In 1996 I went to Oregon's judicial system for help and was not prepared for the horrors I experienced within our legal system. I found a system which treated me as deplorably as my former husband and his religious supporters. I have extensive documentation, including affidavits, court transcripts, court tapes and videos, medical and mental reports, and witnesses to substantiate and elaborate on this story. I believe that when this case comes to light, someone will have to answer for the abuse and silent violence I have suffered in the Polk, Marion, and Wasco County courts.

Marital and ritual abuse evolved into legal abuse.

When I sought safety for my children and myself in January 1996, the Court allowed me to live in hiding with my young children prior to the court hearings, due to the testimony and affidavits of numerous witnesses. I retained an attorney and reported the crimes that had been committed against my children and me.

On March 10, 1996, I was forced, by an Order of the Court, and by my ex-husband, Marty Warner, his attorney, his family and religious supporters, to do something that raged against my good conscience, my common sense and against all my motherly instincts. After a temporary custody hearing, a Court Order signed by Judge Albin Norblad forcibly removed my nursing baby and two youngest children from me. I obeyed the Court Order and gave my children over to my ex-husband. I drove to the hospital, rented a breast-pump and later collapsed and went into shock. I could not understand what had happened and why. I have not yet recovered from the shock; perhaps I never will....

The price for my own safety and freedom in 1996 was an imposed, unnatural and unwanted separation from my eight children. The injustice committed against me is not just the physical separation from my children, but the willful desecration of the mother-child relationship and bond, a sacred spiritual and emotional entity.

Removing a mother’s children from her, when she has committed no crime, is cruel and unusual punishment. The physical, mental, and emotional toll of surviving the negligence, abuse and trauma from the individuals who are part of my story will last forever. Although I risked everything to escape from my ex-husband, and in some ways I lost everything, I have never been more sane or more sure that the choices I made were the only choices I could make and survive.

"Losing Custody of your child is shameful and elicits public condemnation. It is also the symbol of "patriarchal ownership" that exists still today. The chattel laws of the past are very much alive and the only women who retain custody after divorce are those whose husbands did not fight. When we divorce in this society, we are divorcing the protection of marriage, like an umbrella, the rights given to men were shared with the wife. Once divorced, we are not protected under the law and, therefore, our children are not protected either. Nor do we have a rightful claim to the children we birthed. We are set adrift in a society still clinging to archaic practices. The manipulation and retaliation, the denial and complicit behavior of community are foundations in patriarchal society where male superiority is king, and women who fight back against this rule are punished severely. Mothers desperately, both individually and collectively, need to be vindicated and our good names restored." - Melissa Barnett, Mothers of Lost Children Advocate

A judge’s signature on a white sheet of paper can be a shattering experience for an individual. I believe judges in America will continue to use their absolute power until people wake up from their “huddled fear”. A non-custodial mother remarks: “to lose one’s children in such a way would unmake any woman.” And it is true. Taking a woman’s children is the last great punishment an abuser can scar them with. To be publicly and permanently branded ‘unfit’ is a new scarlet letter. It can and will scar an entire family for life. I documented my experiences and conclusions in my article, "Horror in Family Court, Religion & Burning Witches."

Final Divorce Trial October 1996

The first day I realized I had no more fear of those who wished to harm me was in October 1996, during my final divorce hearing in Salem, Oregon. Judge Albin Norblad, Circuit Court Judge of Oregon, arrogantly asked me what I had done with myself since he had taken my baby and children from me six months earlier.

I said, "Well, Your Honor, I worked two jobs (80 hour work weeks), stayed in touch with counselors and good friends, and enrolled in exercise classes. But, Your Honor, I just want to say one thing, "If you take a baby from a mother who does not have a good support group, you will be dredging her out of the Willamette River."

He was shocked I would be so bold, but I was putting out a warning that what he did to me on March 10, 1996, was beyond cruel. His actions were inhumane.

On March 1, 1996, during the temporary custody hearing, Judge Norblad asked my husband, while he was on the witness stand and under oath, why he had impregnated me during the time I was suffering a mental/nervous breakdown. [The response is given below.]

Judge Norblad’s lengthy career has included a number of controversial and high profile cases. As a juvenile court judge during the 1970’s, Norblad made hundreds of unpopular decisions, reportedly sending more youths to MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility than any other judge in the state. He is known as the “hanging judge.”

In 2002, the judge was disciplined by the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability with a thirty-day suspension following a drunk driving incident, an action which was upheld on appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Judge Albin Norblad Laughs about the Rapes I Suffered


JUDGE NORBLAD: "Sir, I have one question. Maybe this is curiosity, more than it has to do with the case. If your wife was going through so much emotional difficulties, she realized it, and you realized it, why did you attempt to have an additional child and two pregnancies?

MR. WARNER: We didn't attempt to have an additional child.

JUDGE NORBLAD: No, you succeeded, I guess.

MR. WARNER: Yes, sir. Zachary's pregnancy was a surprise. We were

trying to avoid that.

(Note: No contraceptives were used. I was living with my brother out-of-state at the time.)


MR. WARNER: The other pregnancy was a surprise as well. Both those.

(Note: Pregnancy No. 1 during my mental/nervous breakdown. This pregnancy ended in miscarriage.)


MR. WARNER: I was very committed to doing my part to avoid pregnancy.

JUDGE NORBLAD: All right. Thank you. You can step down.

MR. WARNER: As you can tell, Kathy and I have not had too much difficulty conceiving. (Laughs)

JUDGE NORBLAD: Yeah, I got that figured out. (Laughs)

My friends and I wonder what Mr. Warner meant by, "I was very committed to doing my part to avoid a pregnancy." These two pregnancies pushed my health farther over the edge. It was not a humorous situation. What is humorous about rape?

Throughout our marriage Mr. Warner often referred to me as a "cow or a horse in need of being bred." Mr. Warner insisted on sexual relations immediately before and after the birth of each my children. He had no regard for the risk of infection he subjected me to or the pain he caused. He used me sexually when I was physically ill and during my breakdown. He made me promise before we were married that I would never say "no" to him. I thought he would have respect and decency, but I was mistaken.

"The family court judges (and cohorts) who separate children from their mothers for profit have black hearts. Frankly, that's a level of evil my mind cannot comprehend." - Robin Karr


In March 1999 and May 1999, I filed criminal rape charges against my former husband in Dallas, Oregon, (Polk County) with Deputy Sheriff Terra Wilson, and The Dalles, Oregon, (Wasco County) with Police Officer Jeff Miller. At the time of the rape and assault, I was living apart from my former husband with my brother and healing from a post partum depression, breakdown and partial stroke I had suffered after the home birth of my seventh child. In October of 1994, my husband, Marty Warner picked me up from my brother's house, took me to a motel and forced me to have sex while I was in a nearly catatonic state, I became pregnant with my 8th child.

Sergeant Steve Baska, from The Dalles Police Department, investigated and documented the evidence and facts of the rape I reported to them. In June 1999, Sergeant Baska called me and told me that the documentation of the rape was on the desk of District Attorney Donna Kelly. The district attorney told him that they would not prosecute because "a jury would never convict a husband of rape." I believe District Attorney Donna Kelly is not in touch with the views of the community. I know the community feels differently.

District Attorney, Mark Hesslinga in Polk County told Deputy Sheriff Terra Wilson, from the Polk County Sheriff's Office, that he did not want my case investigated. The district attorneys

in Polk and Wasco counties have ignored my case and not responded to my letters and phone calls. Consequently, they are sending a very strong message to children, young adults and the

community that sexual crimes and violence committed against women will be ignored and tolerated.

Many people are appalled, outraged and disgusted about this case, but are afraid to confront my abusers because of fear of reprisals. Law makers, attorneys, district attorneys, police and society suffers from “rape illiteracy.” There is manipulative rape committed by dates and husbands and intimate partners, not to mention fathers and uncles, babysitters and teachers. There is rape that is quietly coerced under threat, there is rape that is cooperated with in order to survive, there is culturally proscribed rape, and there is rape without physical force. It is all still rape. Many people believe rape is justifiable, if the husband commits rape.

Even though our laws say differently, many prosecutors refuse to “enforce” them. Police informed me that a crime had been committed against me and that the laws are written to protect people from criminal acts being committed against them. If the District Attorney will not prosecute documented cases of rape, then the law should be removed from their books.

It confuses the general public when they are informed about written laws, but then see the criminals who committed the crimes suffer no consequences.

Rape Count I as described in Chapter 743, Oregon Laws 1971, 163.375: Rape in the first degree. (1) A person who has sexual intercourse with another person commits the crime of rape in the first degree if: .... (d) The victim is incapable of consent by reason of mental defect, mental incapacitation or physical helplessness. (2) Rape in the first degree is a Class A felony. (1971 c.743 s.111; 1989 c.359 s.2; 1991 c.628 s.3)(3) "Mentally defective" means that a person suffers from a mental disease or defect that renders the person incapable of appraising the nature of the conduct of the person. (4) "Mentally incapacitated" means that a person is rendered incapable of appraising or controlling the conduct of the person at the time of the alleged offense because of the influence of a controlled or other intoxicating substance administered to the person without the consent of the person or because of any other act committed upon the person without the consent of the person. (5) "Physically helpless" means that a person is unconscious or for any other reason is physically unable to communicate unwillingness to an act. While the legal definition varies within the United States, marital rape can be defined as any unwanted intercourse or penetration (vaginal, anal or oral) obtained by force, threat of force, or when the wife is unable to consent (Bergen, 1996; Pagelow, 1984; Russell, 1990).

On July 5, 1993, marital rape became a crime in all 50 states, under at least one section of the sexual offense codes. In 17 states and the District of Columbia, there are no exemptions from rape prosecution granted to husbands. Oregon is one of the 17 states.

Dr. Raquel Bergen, in her document, “Marital Rape,” writes, “Despite the fact that marital rape has not been criminalized for long in the United States, it is clearly a serious form of violence against women and worthy of public attention. The research to date indicates that women who are raped by their husbands are likely to experience multiple assaults and often suffer long-term physical and emotional consequences.

Marital rape may be even more traumatic than rape by a stranger because a wife lives with her assailant and she may live in constant terror of another assault whether she is awake or asleep. Given the serious effects, there is clearly a need for those who come into contact with marital rape survivors to provide assistance and challenge the prevailing myth that rape by one’s spouse is inconsequential.

Dr. Bergen also writes, “In a study of battered women, Bowker (1983) found that they ranked clergy members as the least helpful of those to whom they had turned for assistance. The emphasis of some religious institutions on wives’ responsibility “to obey their husbands” and the sinfulness of women’s refusal to have sexual intercourse with their husbands, perpetuate the problem of marital rape.

Most researchers of marital rape agree that rape in marriage is an act of violence - an abuse of power by which a husband attempts to establish dominance and control over this wife. While the research thus far reveals no composite picture of a husband-rapist, these men are often portrayed as jealous, domineering individuals who feel a sense of entitlement to have sex with their “property.”

I do not understand why the criminal actions of my ex-husband were not brought up by attorneys during my civil divorce trial. Both Mr. David Gearing and Mr. Mark Lawrence were aware of my previous breakdown and my pregnancy at the time of my breakdown. I believe injustice and negligence has been committed by these attorneys.

"A Florida legislator who opposed criminalizing rape in marriage stated, "The state has absolutely no business intervening into the sexual relationship between a husband and a wife." In other words, the state has legally created that relationship and has protected the husband's forced access to the wife. It is this conception of privacy–keeping the wife sexually subjugated to the husband as a matter of law–that cloaks the abuse of wives in legitimacy and a secrecy that stops interference. The right of a man to use his wife the way he wants has been the essential meaning of sexual privacy in law." Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse This is where domestic violence originates.

Conforming to this ideology contributed to my mental/nervous breakdown in 1993. Dworkin also writes, "Anyone whose legal status is that she exists to be touched, intimately, inside the boundaries of her own body, is controlled, made use of: a captive inside a legally constructed cage." In 1979, Bob Wilson, a state senator from California, while talking to women lobbyists eloquently stated, "But if you can't rape your wife," the lawmaker asked, "who can you rape?" The answer, of course, is “no one.” In these cases, intercourse remains the fundamental expression of male rule over women, a legal right protected by the state especially in marriage. My case speaks loudly of the insidious crimes that are legally permitted and condoned under the guise of state-sanctioned domination of males in marriage. Laws must be changed to protect vulnerable people who cannot protect themselves.

I do not understand why the criminal actions of my ex-husband were not brought up by attorneys

during my civil divorce trial. Both Mr. David Gearing and Mr. Mark Lawrence were aware

of my previous breakdown and my pregnancy at the time of my breakdown. I believe injustice and negligence has been committed by these attorneys. I was ordered to pay twice of what I earn in child support to my wealthy ex-husband. I no longer had contact with my baby or children. In 1999, I entered a state address protection program for safety from my ex-husband.

In these cases, intercourse remains the fundamental expression

of male rule over women, a legal right protected by the state

especially in marriage. My case speaks loudly of the insidious

crimes that are legally permitted and condoned under the guise

of state-sanctioned domination of males in marriage. Laws must

be changed to protect vulnerable people who cannot protect


Until our country becomes more healthy-minded in matters of sexuality, rape cases will continue to be a horror for women in America. In our country, sexuality is often synonymous with

power, control, possession and ownership.

In 1893, Matilda Joslyn Gage, author of Woman, Church and State, wrote, “An investigation of the laws concerning woman–their origin, growth, and by whom chiefly sustained–will enable

us to judge how far they are founded upon the eternal principles of justice and how far emanating from ignorance, superstition and love of power, which is the basis of all despotism."

Coral Anika Theill with her infant son, Zachary David Warner, July 1995.

When I sought safety for my children and myself in January 1996, the Court allowed me to live in hiding with my young children prior to the court hearings, due to the testimony and affidavits of numerous witnesses. I retained an attorney and reported the crimes that had been committed against my children and me.

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